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Health Information Technology

(Jefferson Davis Campus - Online)

Fall Entry

The Health Information Technology program is a 2-year technical program leading to an associate degree that prepares the individual to work as a technical specialist in Health Record Systems. Health Information Technology combines a profession in health care with information technology. Health Information technicians maintain, collect, and analyze data crucial to the delivery of quality patient care.

When accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) in cooperation with the American Health Information Management Association’s Council on Accreditation, the Health Information Technology program prepares graduates to write the national accreditation examination for the Registered Health Information Technician.

  • During the graduation semester, the student is eligible to take the national accreditation exam for Health Information Technicians
  • The RHIT (Registered Health Information Technician) credential is awarded to those who pass the exam.
  • The HIT program is offered as a distance learning (online) option.

“The Health Information Technology program is currently non-accredited.  As documented in the CAHIIM Accreditation System (CAS) Application Process, “a program must not apply until 6 months before the date of the first graduation class.”  The first HIT graduating class will be spring semester 2018.

Program Goals

  • The goals of the Health Information Technology program include;
    • Developing a successful, multi-skilled allied health professional capable of:
    • Organizing and managing health information data
    • Ensuring the maintenance of quality, accurate, accessible, and secure health information in both paper files and electronic systems.
    • Utilizing various classification systems to code and categorize patient information for insurance reimbursement purposes, for databases and registries, and to maintain patients’ medical and treatment histories.
    • Adhering to learning EHR computer software, following EHR security and privacy practices, and analyzing electronic data to improve healthcare information.
    • Developing collaborative and inter-professional soft-skills to successfully work with others to gain additional information to ensure records are complete and accurate.
    • Mastering the student learning outcomes and program outcomes established.

Admission Procedure

  1. Make application and be accepted to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Application can be completed online.
  2. Submit copies of official transcripts of all schools attended to the Office of Admissions. All transcripts must be reviewed by the Office of Admission for determination of course credits.
  3. Meet all Academic Requirements (listed below) and complete any program pre-requisites or Entry Requirements.

After successful completion of all academic and entry requirements, the student may submit an Allied Health Application for Program Admission beginning April 15th of each year. Please meet with an Enrollment Specialist to submit and complete your Health Information Technology program application MGCCC+Nursing+&+Allied+Health+Program+Application 10- 2016 


Application deadline for Fall Entry programs is extended until August 21st. All test scores, transcripts and required documentation must be received by this date. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Late applications may be considered depending upon the availability of program openings.

Academic and Entry Requirements

  • Achieve a minimum Accuplacer English placement score of 175
  • Achieve a minimum Accuplacer Math placement score of 53
  • Complete prerequisite course BIO 2514 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I  
  • Participate in a Mandatory Pre-Allied Health Webinar Session. Click here to register Pre-Allied Health Orientation Registration .
  • Hold a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 on college work
  • Have a consistent and reliable computer with Internet access and required components (Sound card with speakers, printer, microphone, web-camera capable of video web conferencing, DVD/CD-ROM drive)
  • Have a basic understanding of computer terminology, specifications, software and applications (Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later/Firefox/Chrome, Microsoft Office® 2010 or later, Adobe® Reader® 9.0 or later, navigating the Internet, sending and receiving emails with and without attachments, and an Antivirus application updated regularly)
  • Comply with Mississippi law requiring a Criminal Background History Check with Fingerprinting through the Mississippi Department of Health. All Nursing and Allied Health applicants are required to obtain a clear or acceptable Criminal Background Check from the MGCCC Campus Police at JD, JC, Perkinston or the George County Campus/Center. MGCCC’s Criminal Background Check Policy (including days and times) can be viewed at Criminal Background Check Updated Form-Spring 2016 

Selection Process

Program openings are filled based on Selective Admission; applicants are ranked based on their individual achievement test scores and prior college course work. Student ranking for entry into the HIT program is based on a point system. Students are awarded points for their required ACT Reading sub-score (or Accuplacer equivalent), and given points for successful completion of BIO 2514 (prerequisite) and BIO 2524 based on their achieved grades. Bonus points will also be awarded for successful completion of any other college credit courses which could be used to complete degree requirements for the AAS option. Program enrollment is a floating number which can fluctuate each year based on availability of clinical rotation slots. Students who are selected are also held to the following program policies.

Health Information Technology Program Policies

  • All Nursing and Allied Health students must submit to substance testing in accordance with the Substance Testing Policy and Procedures for Associate Degree Nursing and Allied Health Programs. The Nursing and Allied Health Program’s substance testing policy can be viewed at SUBSTANCE TESTING POLICY .
  • A student must be deemed physically and emotionally able to meet the requirements for the Health Information Technology program. A physical examination, immunization records and completed health form, signed by a Medical Physician, is required prior to the first meeting of the program.
  • Upon admission to the Health Information Technology program, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA on the required courses and complete each course with a C or better.
  • Adherence to additional clinical affiliation requirements may be necessary depending on clinical rotation placement. (i.e. hospital orientation, HIPPA training, CPR certification).

HIOT program – Cost List (Estimate only)

  •  Tuition - $1,400.00 per semester (15-21 hrs)
  •  Tuition (part-time) $140.00 per semester hour (less than 15 hours)
  •  Program Fees $300.00 per semester
  •  Registration Fee $60.00 per semester (Non-refundable)
  •  Technology Fee $4 per semester hour not to exceed $60
  •  Online Course Fee $10 per credit hour
  •  Books approximately $600 plus rental fees (Non-refundable)
  •  Liability Insurance $12.00 per semester (Non-refundable)
  •  Uniform, Accessories, Lab Supplies $400.00
  •  Pre-admission Physical Exam and Immunizations $200.00 - $300.00
  •  Substance Testing $29.00 per semester
  •  Pre-admission Criminal Background Check $65.00 (MGCCC Campus Police)

Cost may be subject to change.

Freshman Year

Prerequisites to admission to the program: BIO 2514 *

First Semester

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
HIT 1114 - Health Record Systems Credit(s): 4
HIT 1213 - Medical Terminology Credit(s): 3
BIO 2524 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II Credit(s): 4
CSC 1123 - Computer Applications I Credit(s): 3
  • Written Communications Elective Credit(s): 3
  • Total Credits: 17

    Second Semester

    Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
    HIT 1323 - Health Care Law and Ethics Credit(s): 3
    HIT 2123 - Alternate Care Systems Credit(s): 3
    HIT 1413 - Pathophysiology I Credit(s): 3
    HIT 2913 - Computers in Health Care Credit(s): 3
    HIT 2212 - Pharmacology Credit(s): 2
  • Humanities/Fine Arts Elective Credit(s): 3
  • Total Credits: 17

    Sophomore Year

    First Semester

    Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
    HIT 2615 - Coding Systems I Credit(s): 5
    HIT 2423 - Pathophysiology II Credit(s): 3
    HIT 2142 - Electronic Health Records Credit(s): 2
    HIT 2513 - Professional Practice Experience I Credit(s): 3
    HIT 2133 - Health Statistics Credit(s): 3
  • Oral Communications Elective Credit(s): 3
  • Total Credits: 19

    Second Semester

    Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
    HIT 2625 - Coding Systems II Credit(s): 5
    HIT 2713 - Health Care Supervision Credit(s): 3
    HIT 2812 - Performance Improvement Techniques Credit(s): 2
    HIT 2523 - Professional Practice Experience II Credit(s): 3
    HIT 2633 - Reimbursement Methodologies Credit(s): 3
  • Social/Behavior Science Elective Credit(s): 3
  • Total Credits: 19

    Total Credits: 76


    Completion Award: Associate in Applied Science Degree

    *Check course description in the college catalog for prerequisites. Students who lack entry level skills in math, English, science, and so forth will be provided related studies.

    ** Computer Applications in Business and Industry (BAD 2533), or Microcomputer Applications (BOT 1133) may be taken instead of Computer Applications I (CSC 1123)  or an approved elective may be taken for those community colleges not requiring microcomputer applications.

    Students are required to take the RHIT exam in the graduating semester


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