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Radiologic Technology (Radiography)

(Jackson County Campus)

Summer Entry

Radiographers perform imaging examinations and accompanying responsibilities at the request of physicians qualified to prescribe and/or perform radiologic procedures. They utilize equipment emitting ionizing radiation to produce radiographic images of the internal structures of human anatomy. These radiographic images are utilized by the physician for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The radiographer is responsible for all functions in the Radiology Department to insure consistent radiographic images and provide for personal and patient safety from ionizing radiation. In addition to producing diagnostic images and primary patient care, other responsibilities may include administrative and educational functions.

Graduates of this program will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Radiologic Technology and are eligible to make application to the American Registry of Radiologic Technology in order to become a Registered Radiographer.

The Radiologic Technology Program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, 20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850, Chicago, IL 60606-3182. The telephone number is 312-704-5300. Accreditation standards are located at

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC) Radiologic Technology Program is to produce competent entry-level radiographers.

RGT Program Goals:

  1. Students will demonstrate entry-level clinical performance and clinical competence.

    Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Students will understand the relationship between scatter and patient exposure.
    • Students will perform routine radiographic examinations of diagnostic quality.
    • Students will learn how to educate the public for radiation protection and acquired skills in the laboratory setting.
  1. Students will demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills in the laboratory and/or clinical setting.

    Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Students will provide appropriate age-specific patient care.
    • Students demonstrate critical thinking skills for increased examination complexity.
    • Students will understand the complex relationship between kVp and mAs.
    • Students select appropriate technical factors for a variety of situations.
    • Students demonstrate organizational skills for non-routine situations.
  1. Students will develop communication skills.

    Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Students write the text for a PowerPoint presentation to peers.
    • Students demonstrate appropriate oral communications with adult patients in a simulated clinical setting.
  1. Students and graduates will understand the importance of professional development and growth.

    Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Students will develop an appreciation for lifelong learning and professional ethics and values of a radiographer.
    • Graduates will pursue continuing education and professional development.

In addition, the RGT Program faculty monitors program effectiveness.


Admission Procedure

  1. Make application and be accepted to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Application can be completed online.
  2. Submit copies of official transcripts of all schools attended to the Office of Admissions. All transcripts must be reviewed by the Office of Admission for determination of course credits.
  3. Meet all Academic Requirements (listed below) and complete any program pre-requisites or Entry Requirements.
  4. After successful completion of all academic and entry requirements, the student may submit an Allied Health Application for Program Admission beginning January 15th of each year. Please meet with a counselor on the Jackson County Campus to submit and complete your Radiologic Technology Program Application Packet.

MGCCC+Nursing+&+Allied+Health+Program+Application 10- 2016 


Application deadline for Summer Entry programs is April 1st. All test scores, transcripts and required documentation must be received by this date. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Late applications may be considered depending upon the availability of program openings.

Academic and Entry Requirements

  • Achieve a minimum Composite ACT Score of 18
  • Have a minimum cumulative (GPA) of 2.5 on college work with no grade less than “C” on any Academic Core* courses in the current RT curriculum. (Courses may be re-taken and highest score will be used)
  • Complete pre-requisites. Student must complete at least 4 of the program’s Academic Core* courses. One of the 4 courses must be Anatomy & Physiology I. All courses considered for selection must be completed prior to making application.
  • Register for and complete the HESI A2 Exam HESI A2 REGISTRATION INFORMATION 15-16 .
  • Attend a mandatory Pre-Allied Health Orientation Session – Click here to register Pre-Allied Health Orientation Registration.
  • Comply with Mississippi law requiring a Criminal Background History Check with Fingerprinting through the Mississippi Department of Health. All Nursing and Allied Health applicants are required to obtain a clear or acceptable Criminal Background Check from the MGCCC Campus Police at JD, JC, Perkinston or the George County Campus/Center. MGCCC’s Criminal Background Check Policy (including days and times) can be viewed at CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK WITH FINGER PRINTING SCHEDULE AND INFORMATION SHEET .

*Academic Core courses include: BIO 2514, BIO 2524, MAT 1313, ENG 1113, SPT 1113, a Humanities/Fine Arts Elective and a Social /Behavioral Science Elective

Selection Process

Program openings are filled based on Selective Admission; applicants are ranked based on their individual achievement test scores and prior college course work. The selection criteria used to rank applicants are:

  • Academic Core GPA 10%
  • Cumulative GPA 30%
  • ACT Composite 30%
  • HESI A2 Exam 30%

Program enrollment is a floating number which can fluctuate each year and is determined by the Radiologic Technology Advisory Committee based on the local job market needs. The college is assisted and advised by the Radiologic Technology Advisory Committee composed of radiologists, department directors and technologists, college administrators and instructors. Students who are selected are also held to the following program policies.

RGT Program Policies

  • All Nursing and Allied Health students must submit to substance testing in accordance with the Substance Testing Policy and Procedures for Associate Degree Nursing and Allied Health Programs. The Nursing and Allied Health Program’s substance testing policy can be viewed at SUBSTANCE TESTING POLICY .
  • A student must be deemed physically and emotionally able to meet the requirements for the RGT program. A physical examination, immunization records and completed health form, signed by a Medical Physician, is required prior to the first meeting of the program. (Required immunizations: measles and rubella, diphtheria-tetanus (within last 10 years), chicken pox, and current TB skin test. The Hepatitis B series is recommended.)
  • Upon admission to the Radiologic Technology Program, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA on the required courses and complete each course with a C or better.
  • Adherence to additional clinical affiliation requirements may be necessary depending on clinical rotation placement. (i.e. hospital orientation, HIPAA training, CPR certification)

RGT program – Cost List (Estimate only)

  •  Tuition - $1,400.00 per semester (15 - 21 hrs) fall and spring semesters
  •  Tuition part-time (summer semester) $140.00 per semester hour
  •  Program Fees $300.00 per semester
  •  Registration Fee $60.00 per semester (Non-refundable)
  •  Technology Fee $36.00 per semester
  •  Books, Workbooks, Supplies $600.00 plus rental fees (Non-refundable)
  •  Liability Insurance $12.00 per semester (Non-refundable)
  •  Uniform, Accessories $200.00
  •  Pre-admission Physical Exam and Immunizations $200.00 - $300.00
  •  Substance Testing $29.00 per semester
  •  Pre-admission Criminal Background Check $65.00 (MGCCC Campus Police)
  •  Certification Exam/Licensure Fees $250.00

Cost may be subject to change

Freshman Year

Summer Session

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
RGT 1213 - Fundamentals of Radiography Credit(s): 3
RGT 1223 - Patient Care and Radiography Credit(s): 3

Fall Semester

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
MAT 1313 - College Algebra Credit(s): 3
BIO 2514 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I * Credit(s): 4
RGT 1115 - Clinical Education I ** Credit(s): 5
RGT 1312 - Principles of Radiation Protection Credit(s): 2
RGT 1413 - Imaging Principles Credit(s): 3
RGT 1513 - Radiographic Procedures I Credit(s): 3

Spring Semester

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ENG 1113 - English Composition I Credit(s): 3
BIO 2524 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II * Credit(s): 4
RGT 1125 - Clinical Education II ** Credit(s): 5
RGT 1423 - Digital Imaging Credit(s): 3
RGT 1523 - Radiographic Procedures II Credit(s): 3
RGT 1613 - Physics of Imaging Equipment Credit(s): 3

Sophomore Year

Summer Session

(Full Ten Weeks)

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
RGT 1138 - Clinical Education III ** Credit(s): 8

Fall Semester

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
  • Elective Social/Behavioral Sciences Credit(s): 3
  • Humanities/Fine Arts Elective Credit(s): 3
  • RGT 2132 - Ethics and Legal Responsibilities Credit(s): 2
    RGT 2146 - Clinical Education IV ** Credit(s): 6
    RGT 2533 - Radiographic Procedures III Credit(s): 3
    RGT 2921 - Radiographic Pathology Credit(s): 1

    Spring Semester

    Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
    SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I Credit(s): 3
    RGT 2156 - Clinical Education V ** Credit(s): 6
    RGT 2542 - Radiographic Procedures IV Credit(s): 2
    RGT 2911 - Radiation Biology Credit(s): 1
    RGT 2934 - Certification Fundamentals Credit(s): 4

    Total Credits: 89


    *Check course description in the college catalog for prerequisites.

    **All core courses as scheduled.


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