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2020-2021 Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Disability Services

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College provides services to any student who is disabled as defined in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Section 504 and ADA require institutions not to discriminate against students with disabilities and to make all offerings and programs of the College accessible. Students requesting services or more information may contact Student Support Services.

Procedures and Responsibilities

  1. Any student who requests an accommodation for a disability should be referred to the Campus Support Services Coordinator or their designee or the Center Administrative Dean or their designee. This request should occur at least two weeks prior to the student registration process, if possible. Requests received less than two weeks before registration may cause delays in the accommodation process. The Support Services Coordinator’s office will assure that proper procedures are followed.
  2. Documentation from an appropriately licensed physician will be required from any student requesting an accommodation under the ADA before accommodations are approved, unless the disability is of the nature as to be plainly obvious in the judgment of the college official responsible for accommodation.
  3. Any accommodation request that will cause the expenditure of college funds must first be made to the state vocational rehabilitation agency. If not approved by vocational rehabilitation, the college will consider the request.
  4. The College ADA Coordinator, the Vice President for Administration and Finance, will approve requests for accommodations that will entail college expenditures.
  5. Instructors who have the student requesting the accommodation in their class should be involved in the accommodation process.
  6. Upon approval of an accommodation request, the Support Services Center Office or the office of the Center Administrative Dean shall maintain documentation of the request and approval with copies of the approved accommodation forwarded to the student’s instructors and the student.
  7. Students who have accommodations approved that entail the use of equipment or the employment of assistants should notify the college in advance of absences, when possible, to assure that paid assistants are notified of when their services are not needed. (Students should refer to the College Guide for Students with Disabilities for specific time frames for notification of classes to be missed.) Students abusing the accommodation will fall under the college discipline process. College equipment damaged or lost by a student will be charged to the student at replacement cost.
  8. Students with disabilities requesting accommodations to live in Student Housing on the Perkinston Campus should make application at least 30 days before the semester in which they plan to live in college housing to assure adequate preparation by the college. Requests to live in a college residence hall received less than 30 days before the beginning of the semester may not allow time for accommodation.