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2022-2023 Student Handbook 
2022-2023 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

How to Report Criminal Actions or Other Emergencies

In the event of a criminal act or an emergency, report the incident by calling Campus Police for your respective campus or center.

MGCCC Campus Police Numbers

Perkinston Campus 601-928-6327
Harrison County Campus 228-896-2516
Jackson County Campus 228-497-7960
George County Center 601-766-6447
The Bryant Center at Tradition 228-267-8669
West Harrison County Center 228-563-2251
Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center 228-896-2516

Emergency examples for calling Campus Police

Active Shooter
Bomb Threat
Hazardous Materials
Medical Emergencies
Sexual Misconduct
Suspicious or Violent Behavior
Suspicious Package
Vehicle Accidents

Emergency Procedures:

Lockdown situations

Lock all doors and windows
Turn off lights, close blinds or curtains
Stay in the classroom
Silence TV’s, cellphones, and other electronics
Remain indoors and under lockdown until you receive an all clear alert


Listen to your instructor, an employee, or campus police on where to go for evacuation
Do not use the elevator
Go to your designated evacuation point
Do not enter the building until given an all-clear alert

Active Shooter

Remember the follow steps run/hide, avoid/deny, and fight/defend.


Have an escape plan
Evacuate if possible
Leave your belongings
Help others if possible,
Do not move wounded people


Be out of shooter’s view
Lock doors and block them with furniture
Keep your option for movement
Silence phone
Be quiet


Act aggressively
Incapacitate the active shooter
Throw objects,
Yell and call for help
Fight only as a last resort
Be prepared

Call 911/When law enforcement arrives

Call 911 when you are safe
Give information to the operator
Follow police instructions
Drop any object
Keep hands visible

Medical Emergencies

Yell for help
Call 911 and campus police
If CPR is needed and you are trained, perform CPR
Do not allow the person to move until emergency personnel arrive