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2014-2015 Student Handbook 
2014-2015 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

George County Center Section

George County Center

Students should read and be familiar with the information contained in the current Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Student Handbook. Of particular interest are the policies on “Due Process in Student Discipline” and “Student Grievance Procedures”. It is the responsibility of each student to carefully read and understand these policies.

This section of the handbook contains supplemental information for specific procedures at the George County Center.

Emergency Procedures

When possible, the following Emergency Medical Plan should be followed when a student, employee, or other person becomes injured or ill at the Center.

Any person discovering a fire or other emergency situation should immediately notify the Administrative Office when possible or dial 911.

In the event a student is injured or becomes ill, instructors/staff should notify someone in administration immediately. First aid kits are located in the Administrative Offices and the Nursing lab.

In the case of a serious accident, illness, or injury, it may be necessary for the person discovering the injury or illness to immediately call 911 and then notify an available administrator.

All safety precautions should be enforced and the injured or ill person should not be moved until he/she has been checked.

Emergency procedures should be followed as specified. Posted on the wall of each classroom and shop are maps for building evacuation and procedures for specific emergencies.

Financial Aid

Students should visit the college website at mgccc.edu and click on the Financial Aid link for more information. Financial aid for the George County Center is processed through the Perkinston Campus. A George County Center student must select Perkinston as the college site for aid to be awarded to when submitting a FAFSA application.

Lost and Found

A “Lost and Found” is located in the Campus Police Office. Students who find items left in classrooms or other areas should turn them in at the Campus Police Office.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling is offered at the George County Center. Weekend classes are taught each semester. The following is the time schedule for weekend classes:

Weekend Class Time Schedule
Friday – 6:00 pm-10:30 pm
Saturday – 8:00 am-7:30 pm
Sunday – 1:00 pm-6:30 pm*
*Student will attend class for two weekends (dates are posted on schedule each semester) and an additional Friday night for a final exam.

English Composition I Weekend Schedule
Saturday – 8:00 am-7:30 pm
Sunday – 1:00 pm-6:30 pm
Student will meet three weekends, Saturday and Sunday only (dates are posted on schedule each semester).


Assistant Dean Cheryl Bond
Dean of Nursing & Allied Health Dr. Joan Hendrix
Enrollment Specialist  Dawn Richardson
Evening/Weekend Academic Coordinator Will Overstreet
Student Support Services Coordinator Suzan Bounds
Secretary/Admissions Colleen Ford
Bookstore/Computer Lab Danielle Frey
Secretary/Business Office Karen Tanner
Vonda Ford
Secretary/Dean of Nursing & Allied Health Pamela Farmer
Maintenance Johnny Ford
Donnie Parnell 
Housekeeping Alla Schonewitz
Kay Cochran
Campus Police Darrell Brewer

Career and Technical Instructors

Cosmetology Fran Byrd
Nursing Lisa Battles
Sherry James
Maegan Montgomery
Medical Assisting Technology Sharon Ansley
Apprentice Lineman Program Jim Sumrall
H. L. Ivey
Welding Joshua Pierce

Academic Instructors

Biology Christy Price
Mathematics Selina Sturgill
Language Arts Mandy Withrow
Social Science Valerie Clecker


Adult Basic Skills Instructors Maureen Hooks-Moody
Betty Walley

**These representatives provide special services for any eligible career student. Information regarding office hours may be obtained from the Administrative Office.

George County Center

Student Services Building (SS)

Business Office
Assistant Dean
Campus Police
Medical Assisting Classroom 1 and Lab
Welding Classroom 2
Secondary Classroom 3
Secondary Classroom 4
Bookstore Room 7
Learning Lab Classroom 5
Computer Lab Classroom 6

Career Programs #1 Building (CPI)

Secondary Foods Classroom/Foods Lab
Magnolia Room
Post-Secondary Welding Shop C
Secondary Welding Shop D

Career Programs #2 Building (CP2)

Cosmetology Classroom/Lab
Nursing Classroom/Lab
Secondary Classroom 8
ABE/GED Classroom 9

Maintenance Building

Storage Shed
Vehicle/Grounds Maintenance Office

Multi-Purpose Education Facility

Conference Room
Multi-Purpose Room
Lineman Classroom
Lineman Office
Maintenance Office

Academic Building (GCAB)

Admissions Office
Evening/Weekend Academic Coordinator Office
Enrollment Specialist’s Office
Student Support Services Coordinator
Student Lounge
Lecture Hall
Admissions Office
Financial Aid Assistance
Academic Classrooms

George County Map

Click here to view the George County Center Map