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2018-2019 College Catalog 
2018-2019 College Catalog


Administrative Officers


Technology makes a difference in everything we do these days. But the one thing that makes a marked difference in anyone's life, confidence and education is people. What makes our employees so fantastic is that we know our technology, but we also know our customer…you.

You drive a hard bargain when it comes to user-friendliness and customer service. That's why we deliver what you need on demand and have instructors who are experts in their fields. Perhaps it's true – the more things change, the more things remain the same.

District Office

Executive Officers  
President Dr. Mary S. Graham
Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance Dr. Jason V. Pugh
Executive Vice President of Teaching & Learning/Community Campus Dr. Jonathan Woodward
Executive Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success Dr. Carmen Walters
Chief of Staff Tracey Walters
Associate Vice President of Administration Dr. Stacy Carmichael
Associate Vice President of Human Resources Jared Burns
Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Research Dr. Adam Swanson
Associate Vice President, Institutional Relations Christen Duhe'
Associate Vice President of Finance/Comptroller Shelly Ford
Assistant Comptroller Ebby Dedeaux
College Architect Bill Wedgeworth
Coordinator of Accreditation and Special Projects Charlotte Snell
Coordinator of District Printing Aldridge Free
Coordinator of eLearning Buffy Matthews
Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness and Research Dr. Jana Rocker
Coordinator of Student Services Anjelica Holliman
Dean of Workforce Development Brock Clark
Director of eLearning Jennifer Leimer
Director of Purchasing and Property Control Blythe King
Director of Recruitment Miranda Hedman
District, Allied Health Department Chair Angie Nelson
Accountant Ashley Traina
Foundation Accountant Jay Newton
Billing and Collections Specialist Kim Coffell
Chief Creative Officer Steven Hebert
Human Resources Manager Chris Pierce
Infrastructure Technician Harry Scovel
Public Information Coordinator Kathy McAdams
Student Services Data Specialist/CRM Administrator Ceci Land
Superintendent of Transportation Vacant
President Emeritus Dr. Willis H. Lott

Community Campus

Associate Vice President for Community Campus and Career-Technical Education John Shows
College Grant Writer Gayle Brown
Coordinator, Grants and Special Projects Louise Brown
Coordinator of SNAP E&T Pilot Patricia Craft
Director of Adult Education Brenda Davis
Dean of Business Services Dr. Wayne Kuntz
WIA Coordinator Amy Stewart

Bryant Center at Tradition

College Dean, Health Sciences Division                                                Dr. Joan Hendrix
Director of Simulation Center Stephanie Roberts
Department Chairperson, Nursing Debra Buie
Year I Coordinator Debra Clemons
Year II Coordinator Nancy Robasciotti
Nursing Skills, Simulation, & Community Education Coordinator  Martha Lynn
Continuing Education Coordinator Jessica Fudge

West Harrison County Center

Gulf Coast Work Ready Project Director Millie Hyatt-Bordelon

Jackson County Campus

Vice-President Dr. Tammy Franks
Dean of Teaching and Learning Vacant
Dean of Student Services & Enrollment Management Michelle Sekul
Dean of Business Services Jason Ferguson
Assistant Dean of Teaching and Learning Dr. Terri Sasser
Assistant Dean of LRC/Library and Learning Lab Director Lisa Rhodes
Timothy Koehn
Dr. Gwen Carter
Director of Admissions and Records William Everett
Coordinator of Estuarine Education Center Melissa Jarosinski
Director of Financial Aid LaShanda Chamberlain
Honors/PTK Director John Miller
Director of Enrollment Services Beth Lovorn
Enrollment Services/LPC Dr. Lisa Hammons
Enrollment Services Sonya Edwards
Sheila Lowery
Kendra Robinson
Cheryl Steele
Coordinator of Student Activities Brandi Martino
Coordinator Career/Technical Student Support Services Darla Lyons

Jefferson Davis Campus

Keesler Center
Naval Construction Battalion Center (Navy Base)

Vice President Dr. Cedric Bradley
Dean of Student Services & Enrollment Management Dr. Phil Bonfanti
Dean of Teaching and Learning Dr. Suzi Brown
Dean of Business Services Kady Beaoui Pietz
Assistant Dean, LRC/Library Director Nancy Wilcox
Assistant Dean of Teaching & Learning Dr. Jeremy Daughtry
Director of Admissions & Records Christopher Bagwell
Director of Financial Aid Angela Bradley
Director of Business Development and Hospitality & Resort Management Center Lisa Bradley
Librarian Shake DeLozier
Kristen Barnett
Director of Enrollment Services Dawn Buckley
Coordinator of Student Activities Rachelle Vecchio
Support Services Coordinator Aimee McGehee
Articulation and Credentials Specialist De'Martinez Simmons
Military Services/VA Lori Allemand
Enrollment Specialists Shekira Fortenberry
Roxanne Warfield
Honors/PTK Program Directors Teresa Wells
Dr. Patricia West
Superintendent of Physical Plant Vacant

Keesler Center

Educational Representative Ashley Landry

Naval Construction Battalion Center (Navy Base)

Educational Representative Alrie Poillion

Perkinston Campus

Vice President Dr. Ladd Taylor
Dean of Student Services & Enrollment Management Dr. Jason Beverly
Dean of Business Services Dr. Vanessa Dedeaux
Dean of Teaching and Learning Bobby Ghosal
Assistant Dean, LRC/Library Director Vanessa Ritchie
Librarian Shugana Williams
Director of Admissions and Records Mollie Barger
Director of Financial Aid Heather Dearman
Director of Residence and Student Life Trey Robertson
Lead Counselor Paula Rainey
Coordinator of Student Activities, Recreation, and Wellness Christopher Upton
Director of Athletics Steven Campbell
Sports Information and Media Specialist Don Hammack
Career/Technical Support Services Coordinator Shellye Smith
Enrollment Specialist/Financial Aid Rep Cindy Watts
Enrollment Specialist Sharon White
Superintendent, Building and Grounds Heath Warren

George County Center

Administrative Dean Becky Layton
Career/Technical Support Services Coordinator Gail Gable
Instructional Coordinator Will Overstreet
Enrollment Specialist Dawn Richardson

Staff Members

District Office

Accounts Payable Clerk Trudy Showles
Accounts Payable Manager Libby Alexander
College Representative Perla Cardenas
Tristan Nations
Jacqueline Ward
Budget Assistant Angela Cooksey
Courier/Clerk Kyle Clark
Editor/Writer Kimberly Jones
Employee Development Coordinator Kortney Woodard
Field Technician Steven Craddock
Vick Gauthreaux
Stephen Feagins
Chris Pope
Derek Vaughn
Human Resources Coordinators Jocelyn Bays
Kirstin Rome
Business Services Manager, Institutional Advancement Lisa Alexander
Graphic Designer Jennifer Tinnin
IT Support Specialist Lacey McCreary
Payroll Specialist Jill Coniglio
Photographer Derek Fountain
Printer Jeremy Smith
Printing Assistant Geraldine Terrell
Purchasing Clerk April Kostmayer
Karen Tanner
Administrative Assistant to the College Dean, Health Sciences Division Pam Farmer
Administrative Assistant to the, Associate Vice President of Institutional Research and Effectiveness Tammy Oatis
Administrative Assistant for eLearning Rochelle Darragh
Executive Assistant to the Office of the President Natasha Baucum
Administrative Assistant to the President's Office Michelle Pickering
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Vice President of Teaching and Learning/Community Campus Renee Box
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success Susan Allen
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance Jan Seals
Administrative Assistant, Administration and Finance Ashleigh Wren
Administrative Assistant for the Foundation Dee Dee Hatten
Senior Bookkeeper R.J. Reeder
Student Support Representative Lead Sara Myers
Student Support Representative Dottie Nix
Student Support Representative Brittany Harris
Technical Services Librarian Valerie Bonner
Transportation, Mechanic/Operator Paul Naramore
Duane Olsen
Web Development/Recruitment Ian McElroy

Community Campus

AE Academic Aide, Jackson County Campus
AE Academic Aide, Jefferson Davis Campus
AE Administrative Assistant, Community Campus
Kathleen Smith
Bonnie Croker
Jessica  Hartsell
Apprenticeship Instructor Vacant
Apprenticeship Instructor Floyd Carson
Apprenticeship Instructor Bruce Patton
Apprenticeship Instructor Jeffrey Holmes
Apprenticeship Instructor Mitchell Moorman
Apprenticeship Instructor Carey Olsen
Apprenticeship Instructor Jesse Tomek
Apprenticeship Instructor Todd Thompson
Apprenticeship Instructor Ronald Parrish
Computer Instructor, WIN Center Vacant
Coordinator, Instructor Thea Wells
In Plant Welding Instructor William Jordan
In Plant Welding Instructor Marcus White
Assessment/Accountability Specialist, Community Campus Sue Jurich
MIBEST Navigator, Jackson County Campus Brandi Tisbury
Transition Specialist, Jefferson Davis Campus Sarah Wallen
Maintenance Supervisor, Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center Michael Martin
Master Trainer Larry Porter
Pre–Employment Welding Instructor Mitchell McDaniel
Pre–Employment Welding Instructor Luke Overstreet
Recruiting Assistant/Academic Advisor Vacant
SNAP E&T Pilot Navigator Vacant
SNAP E&T Pilot Data Specialist Vacant
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Community Campus and Career-Technical Education Debbie  Murphy
Administrative Assistant for Community Campus and Career Technical Education Vacant
Administrative Assistant for Workforce Development Director, Jackson County Campus Phelecia Langford-Purnell
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Business Services Vacant
Administrative Assistant for Workforce Development Denise Newman
Trainer, AE, Jackson County Campus
Cassandra Palmer
Kelly Parker
Trainer, AE, George County Center Vacant
Pamela Jackson
Trainer, AE, Jefferson Davis Campus Lauren Lucas
Samantha Mitchell
Trainer, AE, Perkinston Campus Adam Smith
Trainer, AE, Pascagoula WIN Center Andrea Patronas
Trainer, AE, Gulfport WIN Center Tayla Morris
Trainer, ELA Ginger Creel
Upgrade Welding Instructor Glen Rogers
Upgrade Welding Instructor Terry Winnett

Bryant Center at Tradition

Student Support Representative                              Amber Le
Administrative Assistant, Health Sciences Division Brandi Brown
Administrative Assistant, Health Sciences Division A'Kendal Woodard

West Harrison County Center

Administrative Assistant Autumn Corbett
Administrative Assistant, BP Restore Act Casey Covacevich
Custodian Autumn Ballard
Grounds Ernie Miller
Maintenance Mechanic Kevin Brosh
Cosmetology Instructor Jennifer Ginn
Massage Therapy Instructor Cydnee Russell
Trainer, AE Maya Wabel
Trainer, BP Restore Act Pathway Jameka Thigpen
Truck Driving Instructor Art Atkins
Truck Driving Instructor Vacant
Welding Instructor Kimothy Lizana

Jackson County Campus

E-Learning Specialist/Proctor Candice Jenkins
Brenika Owens
Bookkeeper, Business Services Charlette Willis
Bookstore Clerk Davez Love
Felicia Poindexter
Bookstore Manager Rose Polk
Campus Police Officers Samuel Borden
Mike Brennan
Brian Dawkins
Maurice Davis
Mary DeBell
Shawn Freeman
Wesley Hall
Travis Harkins
Roger Hodges
Jothan Hunter
James McGhee
Kyle McNeil
Vincent Nicholson
Brian Norton
Rickey Young
Chief of Police Cary Houston
Child Care Aids Susan Odom
Kimberly Spearnock
Amy Young
Clerk, Admissions April Clardy
Clerk, AV Jason Poirier
Coordinator of Campus Recreation Robert Weathers
Office Manager, Financial Aid Carolyn Coleman
Finance Clerk, Business Services April Zackhary
Marina Causey
Operator/Dispatcher Kim Nelson
Purchasing Clerk, Business Services Jessica Webb
Admission Specialist Amanda Hester
Administrative Assistant for the Evening Office Jessica Brown
Administrative Assistant for the Director of Admissions Michelle Krebs
Administrative Assistant for Admissions/Records Vacant
Administrative Assistant to the Allied Health Department Chair, Health Sciences Division Lisa Dickson
Administrative Assistant for Career and Technical Vacant
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Business Services LaResa Tennant
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Teaching and Learning Linda Otis
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Services Phelecia Langford-Purnell
Administrative Assistant for Financial Aid Carolyn Coleman
Erica Peyton
Administrative Assistant for the Learning Lab Vacant
Administrative Assistant for Maintenance Sarah Young
Administrative Assistant to the Vice–President Alisha Dillard
Administrative Assistant Workforce Development Judy Jones
Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Justin Malcom
Supervisor, Grounds Sylvia Patteson
Supervisor, Janitorial Services John Guice
Supervisor, Maintenance Justin Malcom

Jefferson Davis Campus

Keesler Center

Assessment Center Proctors Steven McCurry
Josh VanZile
Assistant Superintendent of Building/Grounds Vacant
Bookstore, Assistant Manager Emily Skinner
Bookstore Clerk Cassandra Rivers
Bookstore Manager Maria Baumann
Campus Police Officers Robert  Bozek
Tonya Farmer
Kevin Farmer
Thomas Pearson
Chief of Police Daniel Garner
Child Care Center Aides Rebecca Barron
Sharon Carter
Stephanie McMahon
Brelynn Rungo
Clerk, Library Kerry Ladnier
Computer Laboratory Assistant James Radford
Dispatcher/Console Operator Mary Ellen Walters
Custodial Supervisor Isaac Farley
Event & Communication Specialist - Hospitality & Resort  Management Center Dynne Easterling
Finance Clerk, Business Services Stephanie Brooks
Xandra Garner
Barbara Glass
Grounds Supervisor Robert Warren
Media Technician Aaron Standberry
Administrative Assistant for  Building/Maintenance Ginger DuBose
Student Support Representative Daisy Grant
Melody Kessen
Sarah Walker
Office Manager, Military Services/VA Lola Peters
Business Office Manager Charla Bagwell
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Services Pamela Smith
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Teaching & Learning Rachel Kunz
Financial Aid Specialist Naomi Clark
Helen Peaks
Dawn Williams
Admissions Specialist Gwen Bosarge
Lisa Bozek
Mary Joyce
Administrative Assistant for the Evening Office Lynne Rawls
Administrative Assistant for Financial Aid Barbara Williams
Administrative Assistant for the Learning Lab Joy Smith
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President Libby Richmond
Shipping and Receiving Clerk Vacant

Perkinston Campus

Assistant Sup., Buildings and Grounds (Field Operations) Brian Hall
Assistant Sup., Buildings and Grounds (Internal Operations) Jason Rouchon
Athletic Trainer Dana Sharp
Finance Clerk/Office Manager Judy Cater
Bookstore Clerk Kayla Taylor
Bookstore Manager Vacant
Campus Police Nellie Lott
Sherry Sheffield
Mike McClantoc
Campus Programming/Inventory/Receiving Clerk II Reid Wall
Chief of Police Greg Hartley
Child Care Aide Abbi Arrington
Jane Brown
Deborah Highsmith
Roxann Preston
Computer Lab Assistant, Learning Lab Tammy Hall
E-Learning Specialist/Proctor Reba Ragan
Media Services Technician Nickolas Fint
Financial Aid Specialist Lesia McCarroll
Financial Aid Specialist Eric Meeks
Finance Clerk Belinda Carlisle
Finance Clerk Madison Sumrall
Perkette Choreographer and Dance Coordinator Britney Kuehn
Receptionist, Residence Hall Beverly Anderson
Karen Breland
Linda Brooks
Joyce Jackson
Grace Johnson
Ann Johnson
Delorice Redeemer
Carolyn Riley
Jessie Riley
Phyllis Sharp
Aurelia Walker
Admissions Specialist Becca Anderson
Admissions Specialist LaTrice McDonald
Administrative Assistant for Athletics Amy Glynn
Administrative Assistant for Career, Technical, and Community Education Tiffany Smith
Administrative Assistant for Campus Police Patrick Fagen
Administrative Assistant for Buildings and Grounds CJ Merritt
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Teaching and Learning Marie Keen
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Services & Enrollment Management Stacy Fore
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Teaching and Learning, Department Chairs, and Faculty Blake Miller
Administrative Assistant for Fine Arts Amanda Chavaz
Administrative Assistant for Housing, Residence, and Student Life Toni Naramore
Administrative Assistant for the Learning Lab Amber Morrisette
Administrative Assistant for the Library Erin Elliott
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President Debra Rogers
Administrative Assistant to the Office of Vice President Susan Renot
Supervisor of Wellness and Recreation Vacant
Residence Halls Supervisors Vacant
Les George
Garrett Odom
Ben St. Cyr
Crystal Woodhouse

George County Center

Janitorial Services Stephanie Lillis
Maintenance/Mechanical Johnny Ford
Maintenance/Grounds Clarence Sledge
Administrative Assistant for Student Services Ciara Churchwell
Administrative Assistant to the GCC Dean Amanda Frye
Office Manager Lisa Dickens
Campus Police Darrell Brewer

Committees and Department Chairs

College Executive Council

Dr. Mary S. Graham, President; Dr. Jason Pugh, Dr. Carmen Walters, Dr. Ladd Taylor, Dr. Jonathan Woodward, and Dr. Tammy Franks.

Jackson County Campus


Administrative Committee: T. Franks, C. Bradley, J. Ferguson, and M, Sekul.

Admissions Committee: M. Sekul, Chair; B. Lovorn, T. Franks, J. Moffett, D. Buie and T. Sasser (Admissions committees for Health Sciences Division Programs are appointed annually by the appropriate deans.)

Judicial: B. Bailey, Chair; R. Sanders, and two Student Government students.

Employee Development Committee: L. Rhodes, Chair and faculty and staff members as appointed by the department chair or supervisor.

Faculty Publicity: B. Lovorn

Graduation: M. Sekul, Chair; T. Sasser, B. Lovorn (Two students appointed by Student Government).

Guidance: B. Lovorn, C. Steele, S. Lowery.

Hospitality Committee: Hospitality: J. Ferguson, Chair; M. Sekul, Co-Chair; J. Webb; A. Dillard; B. Martino; J. Poirier; J. Jones; M. Davis; N. Leathers; S. Young; T. Sasser.

Instructional Affairs: C. Bradley, Chair; and department chairpersons.

Learning Resources: L. Rhodes, Chair; LRC personnel, one representative from each department to be designated by the department chair.

Scholarship: M. Sekul, Chair; L. Chamberlain, C. Bradley, T. Franks

Student Activities: Presidents of the Student Council, SkillsUSA, and PTK, Treasurer of Student Council, M. Sekul; B. Martino.

Student Publications: M. Sekul; B. Martino, Editors of Student Yearbook.

Department Chairpersons

Nursing Debra Buie
Business and Office Administration Amy Chataginer
Developmental Studies Carin Platt
Fine Arts Rebecca Harrell
Health and Physical Education Amy Stanfield
Allied Health Programs Angie Nelson
Language Arts Jordan Sanderson
LRC Lisa Rhodes
Mathematics Angela Sims
Social Studies Becky Shumock
Science Kimberly Brown
Career Education Lisa Hudgins
Technical Education John Poelma

Vice President's Committee

LaShanda Chamberlain Appointed 2015-18
Javier Gomez Appointed 2015-18
Rebecca Harrell Appointed 2015-18
Wade Ladner Appointed 2015-18
Davez Love Appointed 2015-18
Amanda Magee Appointed 2015-18
Yolanda Mayberry Appointed 2015-18
Dorothy McDaniel Appointed 2015-18
Jason Poirier Appointed 2015-18
Rana Walley Appointed 2015-18

Jefferson Davis Campus


Administrative Committee: C. Bradley, Chair; P. Bonfanti; D. Clemons; A. Poillion; D. Buckley; A. Bradley; S. Brown; Nancy Wilcox; J. Daughtry; A. Landry; R. Vecchio; K. Pietz; L. Bradley; Chris Bagwell; Charla Bagwell; K. Adams.

Admissions: C. Bagwell, Chair; S. Brown;  P. Bonfanti; D. Buckley.

Conduct: D. Baker, Chair; D. Simpson; A. Clark; A. Johns; D. Buckley; C. Bagwell; D. Baker; M. Gruich: S. Napier; Vacant; Two Student Representatives; M. Gruich, Recorder.

Reception and Courtesy: B. Glass, Chair; D. Easterling; L. Richmond; P. Smith; B. Williams; M. Joyce; D. Flowers.

Food Service: K. Pietz, Chair; N. Butts; I. Farley; B. Williams; President of the Student Government.

Graduation: P. Bonfanti, Chair; S. Brown; M. Joyce; P. Smith.

Guidance: D. Buckley, Chair; B. Williams; R. Warfield; S. Brown.

Instructional Affairs: S. Brown, Chair; and department chairpersons

Learning Resources: N. Wilcox, Chair; S. DeLozier; P. Johnson; A. Tibbs; A. Frazier; S. Roberts; J. Kopp; J. Mabry; J. Mattina.

Registration: P. Bonfanti, Chair; C. Bagwell; S. Brown; D. Buckley; K. Pietz; Administrative Committee members.

Scholarships: A Bradley, Chair; C. Poulos; M. Gruich; C. Bagwell; P.West.

Department Chairpersons

Nursing Debra Clemons
Business and Office Administration Madelon Gruich
Career and Technical Instruction Pam Jones
Brian Donegan
Developmental Studies Chris DeDual
Fine Arts Debra Atkinson
Health, Physical Education and Recreation Karen Stennis
Language Arts Vernon LaCour
Mathematics/Computer Science Andrea Clark
Science Stephen Roberts
Social Studies Karla Smith

Vice President's Committee

Sandra Peterson Appointed 2017-20
Matthew Steadman Appointed 2017-20
Dr. Trevor Smith Appointed 2017-20
Dr. Madelon Gruich Appointed 2017-20
Pam Smith Appointed 2017-20
Tonya Farmer Appointed 2017-20
Dr. Erin Riggins Appointed 2017-20
Angela Bradley Appointed 2016-19
Keith Adams Appointed 2016-19
Brian Carriere Appointed 2016-19

Perkinston Campus


Academic and Honors Scholarship: B. Ghosal, Chair; G. Greene–Aguirre, Department Chairpersons

Administrative Committee: L.Taylor, Chair; S. Campbell, B. Ghosal,  V. Richie, J. Beverly, V. Dedeaux, R. Layton

Admissions: J. Beverly, Chair; H. Edwards, T. Robertson, J. Moody, B. Ghosal, P. Rainey

Awards: J. Beverly, Chair; H. Dearman, B. Ghosal, C. Upton, S. Hebert, T. Robertson, R. Lyons, R. Layton, J. Ross, S. Campbell

Campus Athletic: L. Taylor, Chair; K. Long, W. Weathers

Campus Cleanliness:  V. Dedeaux, Chair; J. Rouchon, Alt. Chair; J. Beverly, C. Acker, T. Robertson, C. Handy, B. St.Cyr, S. Campbell

Campus Safety:  V. Dedeaux, Chair; J. Beverly, H. Dearman, B. Ghosal, G. Hartley, K. Long, J. Rhodes, T. Robertson, D. Rogers, J. Shows, S. Campbell

Christmas: V. Dedeaux, Chair; J. Beverly, AH-Chair; T. Weathers, AH-Chair; D. Rogers, J. Rouchon, C. Upton,  S. Fore

Conduct:  M. Belche, Chair; J. Shows, Alt. Chair; D. Acres, S. Payton, S. Williams, Alt L. McDonald, Alt., S. Nix, Alt., A. Sparkman, Alt., J. Ross

Graduation Task Force: J. Beverly, Chair; J. Ross, C. Watts, R. Lyons, C. Upton, V. Dedeaux, A. Butler, P. Rainey, S. Campbell, V. Ritchie

Hospitality: D. Rogers, Chair; S. Fore, A. Morrissette, T. Naramore, T. Weathers, A. Glynn, E. Elliott

Housing: J. Beverly, Chair; M. Barger, H. Dearman, V. Dedeaux, B. Ghosal, T. Robertson, R. Wilson

Instructional Affairs: B. Ghosal, Chair; and department chairpersons

Learning Resources: V. Ritchie, Chair; D. Bush, L. Fink, Student

Recruitment/Retention: J. Beverly, Chair; H. Dearman, S. Fore,  W. Overstreet,  T. Robertson, R. Layton, A. Butler, P. Rainey, C. Upton, V. Dedeaux, M. Barger, B. St.Cyr, B. Ghosal, J. Gallup

Salvage: B. Ghosal, Chair; B. Hall, T. Robertson

Scholarship: J. Beverly, Chair; B. Ghosal, B. Layton, H. Dearman, S. Campbell



Department Chairpersons

Academic Business/Mathematics/Computer Science Dr. Jason Ross
Career and Technical Instruction Angela Butler
Fine Arts Sandra Cassibry
Health, Physical Education and Recreation Tommy Snell
Language Arts/Developmental Reading Robin Lyons
Science Dr. Tracy Moore
Social Studies Marie Paslay

Vice President's Committee

Trey Robertson Appointed 2015-18
Angela Sparkman Elected 2015-18
Kenny Lond Appointed 2016-19
Jason Ross Elected 2016-19
Robin Lyons Appointed 2017-20
Melanie Morgan Elected 2017-20
Reid Wall Appointed 2017-20
Selina Davis Appointed 2017-20
Latrice McDonald Appointed 2017-20
Madison Sumrall Appointed 2017-20