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2017-2018 College Catalog 
2017-2018 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Meta Major Clusters

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Undecided about your major? Then you need a plan.

Choose a META MAJOR at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

You may be undecided about your major, but you definitely know you want to complete a degree. Therefore, you
need to have a plan to make informed decisions about your education and your career. You need to enroll in the
correct courses to move you toward a timely graduation. This is why choosing a CLUSTER PATHWAY, known as a
META MAJOR, is necessary. During your FIRST SEMESTER you should complete the following:

1. Determine your top three career choices and    declare the appropriate Meta Major to guide your academiccourse selection. 2. Investigate possible university transfer programs, if applicable. 3. Schedule to meet with your adviser by the end of the semester to declare your official major and develop an academic plan. 4. .Pre-register for your secondsemester classes.



ARTS AND HUMANITIES (Communication, Foreign
Languages, Art, Music, Entertainment Industry, etc.)

BUSINESS (Business Administration, Accounting,
Finance, Marketing and Corporate Relations, Hospitality
Management, etc.)

EDUCATION (Elementary Education, Music Education,
Science Education, Technology Teacher Education, etc.)

HEALTH SCIENCES (Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner,
Radiation Therapy Technology, Medical Lab, etc.)

(Agricultural Science, Animal Sciences, Food Science,
Nutrition, Health Promotion, Electronics Engineering
Technology, Robotics, Automation Technology, etc.)

Criminal Justice, Forensics)

(Culinary Arts, Child Development, Psychology, Social
Science, History, etc.)

STEM (Computer Science, Engineering, Biological
Science, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Chemistry,
Polymer Science, Marine Science, etc.)

These pathways, or META MAJOR choices, are for firstsemester, undecided students. This is not a major. You must declare a major prior to graduation. Speak with a counselor or adviser to determine the best pathway for your educational goals.


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