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2019-2020 College Catalog 
2019-2020 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services

Our Student Services staff embodies the college’s mission: making a positive difference.

We are dedicated to giving you the highest quality customer service, and we are here to help you when you need it, so do not hesitate to come to us with a problem or suggestion. Student Services is an administrative, service-oriented unit within MGCCC. Student Services provides activities and programs designed to enhance a student’s college experience. Eight of the most important functions are outlined below:

  1. Advisement:
    MGCCC conducts a comprehensive advisement system to aid students in selecting an educational pathway, exploring educational goals, selecting courses and scheduling classes. An important aspect of an effective advisement system is close association between students and the faculty advisor. Periodic scheduled contacts are held during each semester to facilitate the system. Students are advised to check the campus calendar for dates and times of scheduled meetings.
  2. Assessment Centers:
    Campus assessment centers provide a variety of proctored testing services. Some of the services provided by the assessment centers will include proctored testing for on-line courses, Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) for students seeking entrance to the Associate Degree Nursing program, the Practical Nursing Exit Option, and the LPN to RN Mobility Track, Credit for College Level Examination Program (CLEP) allowing students to achieve college credits by examinations and ACCUPLACER testing used to evaluate competency levels of potential students in specific academic areas. Other services are also available. Students anticipating testing should contact the assessment centers on the appropriate campus in advance to schedule a test.
  3. Child Care Services:
    The college operates Early Childhood Education Centers to provide low-cost child care services to full-time students. Facilities are operated at the Jackson County, Jefferson Davis, and Perkinston Campuses. The centers are in full-compliance with the standards and regulations provided through the Mississippi Department of Health, and all staff has degree qualifications as Early Childhood Professionals. Applications are available in the Early Childhood Education Office.
  4. Enrollment Service Centers:
    Enrollment Service Centers provide the student with one location to address all admissions, financial aid and guidance needs. Admissions and financial aid services include assistance with the application process and receipt of documents to complete requirements. Enrollment Specialists provide information concerning educational and career opportunities, orientation to college life, decision-making skills, personal and social development. Evaluation of credit, both Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and transfer, is available upon request by the student.
  5. Financial Aid:
    A number of financial assistance options are available for students from federal, state and local sources. Refer to the “Financial Information” section of this catalog for information about available financial aid opportunities, application procedures and requirements.
  6. MGCCC Campus Police:
    MGCCC Campus Police are staffed by state certified law enforcement officers 24 hours a day. Officers patrol the campus, investigate all crime and assist students, faculty, staff and guests when needed. Student ID’s and parking decals, and criminal background checks with fingerprinting for the health sciences division students and faculty are also made in the Campus Police Department.
  7. Orientation and Placement Assessment:
    All entering first time freshmen are required to attend a scheduled orientation program prior to the beginning of the semester. Orientation is a process of welcoming students to the college. Explanations of policies, procedures and programs take place at this time. Since entering freshmen may differ in their academic preparation, the college makes every effort to determine the appropriate level of beginning instruction for each student. The college currently uses the American College Test Assessment (ACT) or ACCUPLACER. After assessment in the areas of English, mathematics and reading, students are placed in courses appropriate with their ability levels and academic background.
  8. Veterans Educational Services:
    Each campus Military Service Center has a Veterans Affairs (V.A.) school certifying official who assists former service personnel and dependents eligible for V.A. educational benefits. All students receiving V.A. educational benefits are required to report changes in course load, withdrawal and absences, or interruptions in attendance to or withdrawal to the Military Service Center to minimize personal liability resulting from over payments of V.A. benefits.

Conduct and Discipline

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College requires standards of behavior which it considers essential to fulfillment of the College’s mission. The Code of Student Conduct defines expected behaviors and clearly addresses student conduct for which disciplinary sanctions may be imposed by the College. The Code of Student Conduct is published in the College’s Policies and Procedures Manual Statement No. 717, which is located on the college website. Student conduct and discipline is also published in the student handbook. 

Right of Appeal

A student has the right to appeal disciplinary action taken against him or her by the conduct committee, and the student must appeal the decision within five days of the conduct committee’s decision. The criteria for the Right of Appeal are stated in Policies and Procedures Statement No. 717, which is located on the college website.  Students may also see the student handbook for specific directions for appealing the decision of a conduct committee.

Who’s Who Among Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Students

A number of sophomores not to exceed two percent of the full-time enrollment on each campus will be chosen from nominees for inclusion in Who’s Who Among Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Students.  These students must have a 2.5 or higher average and possess qualities of leadership, citizenship and personality. Students who receive this award are recognized at the annual awards ceremony held on each campus.

Hall of Fame

Each year the Awards Committee on each campus reviews Who’s Who nominees and selects a number of students up to one percent of the full-time enrollment on each campus recognition in the Hall of Fame. Students who receive this award are recognized at the annual awards ceremony held on each campus.

Citizenship Award

Each year, campuses choose one male and one female student to receive the Citizenship Award.  Nominees must meet be in the last semester of his/her program, demonstrate outstanding qualities as a campus or community leader, characteristics of good citizenship, and excellent social skills such as a pleasing personality, positive attitude, ability to work with others and above average grades.  Students who receive this award are recognized at the annual awards ceremony held on each campus.

Veterans Educational Services:

Each campus Military Services Center has a Veterans Affairs (V.A.) school certifying official (SCO) who assists former and current service personnel and dependents eligible for V.A. education benefits.  All students receiving V.A. education benefits are required to report changes in course load, absences, interruption in attendance or withdrawals to the Military Services Office to minimize personal liability resulting from over payments of V.A. benefits.

Veterans Administration Information

Admission requirements must be met before the student can be certified with Veterans Administration. Admission documents will become part of the permanent record of the applicant.

Maintenance of Records

Each student’s permanent records pertaining to the certification of enrollment for V.A. education benefits, are under the administrative supervision of the V.A. school certifying official (SCO).  All financial records are maintained by the Dean of Business Services.  The campus SCO is responsible for each eligible student’s certification.

Residency Information for Military and Dependents

Special provisions regarding in-state residency are provided for military members and their dependents. (See MGCCC Catalog – Residency ) To be considered for in-state tuition status, proper documentation must be provided (current military orders, DD214, Certificate of Eligibility, etc.).

Previous Education and Training Period

Each student’s permanent record will show previous education and training. Enrollment certificates submitted to the Veterans Administration will reflect proper education and training credit. An evaluation of a student’s education will be made by designated college personnel.  A prospective student should make known to college admissions personnel that his or her past record includes creditable courses.

*All transfer students will require a degree evaluation from a V.A. school certifying official (SCO).  Official transcripts must be submitted from all previous colleges to the registrar’s office for evaluation and eligible credits posted.  All veteran students must also submit their military transcripts for evaluation and eligible credits posted. The SCO will complete a degree evaluation for each student located on their respective campus requesting certification.

The SCO will verify that all registered courses follow the proper degree plan. V.A. students will be financially responsible for any repeated coursework where a passing grade has been assigned.

Standards of Progress for Students Receiving V.A. Benefits

(Refer to the Scholastic Probation , Suspension  and Readmission Policy )

Attendance Records for Students Receiving V.A. Benefits

It is important that the eligible student, college personnel, and Veterans Administration adhere to attendance policies contained in official college publications. If the student exceeds the number of allowed absences, notification will be made by the instructor (s) through the college’s enrollment system. Proper notice will be given to the V.A. school certifying official (SCO) who will report all changes to the Veterans Administration within 30 days.  The student has an equal responsibility to make the SCO aware of schedule changes prior to or once the change has occurred. The student’s last day of attendance may be determined by: (a) instructor’s attendance records; (b) approved withdrawal date by the designated Dean of Teaching and Learning for special circumstances; (c) a student’s reasonable statement of last date of attendance.

Reports to the Veterans Administration

Any change in the status from the last certification (biographical, degree plan, course load, etc.) will promptly be reported to the Veterans Administration. Reports of unsatisfactory progress, drops, withdrawals, and unscheduled interruptions will be made within thirty (30) days of the occurrence. The student is to immediately report any schedule changes to the VA school certifying official.


The Intercollegiate Athletic Program at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is consistent with the college mission by contributing to the educational development of individual student-athletes. Through training and competition, student-athletes gain discipline and opportunities for social, moral, and personal development.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College maintains a highly successful athletic program. The Bulldogs, as the college athletic teams are known, compete in the Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges in football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, baseball, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, softball, golf, men’s tennis and women’s tennis. These competitive teams have won state, regional, and national championships in recent years with many students being named as All-American.

Student-athletes who participate in intercollegiate athletics must comply with the existing rules and regulations of the Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges and the National Junior College Athletic Association. Therefore, all student-athletes must fulfill college admissions requirements and remain in good academic standing in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics.  It is the goal of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College athletic department to provide our student-athletes with the resources necessary to ensure their success while both at our institution and their future destination.

Student Complaint and Grievance Procedures

The criteria for Student Complaints and Grievance Procedures are stated in Policies and Procedures Statement No. 718, which is located on the college website.  Students may also see the Student Handbook for procedures regarding filing a grievance or complaint.      

Career and Technical Support Services

The Career-Technical Department at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College believes that all students deserve a chance to be successful in their fields of study.

A Career-Technical Support Team at each campus or center can help you succeed in the career or technical field of your choice. These dedicated personnel assist students in successfully mastering a career or technical program.

The Support Teams are dedicated to serving the needs of all students: students with disabilities; students entering non-traditional fields; students who are single parents or displaced homemakers; students who are economically disadvantaged; students who have difficulty with the English language; academically deficient or other federally identified barriers.

Clubs and Organizations

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College provides a wide variety of student clubs and organizations for our students. These clubs are intended to help students branch out and discover new opportunities and avenues for personal enrichment. For a full listing of these student clubs and organizations, please go to the Student Life section on our college website or see a Coordinator of Student Life.

Student Government Association

The student government association plans activities for the students, encourages student discussion of campus concerns, presents helpful recommendations to the faculty and administration, and generally acts in an advisory capacity to the students.

Students have the opportunity to take an active part in the student government association on each campus. Made up of selected and elected representatives from each class of the college, these democratic bodies, through executive and advisory functions, are the voices of the students in helping to determine the success of the college.

The membership of Student Government Association is composed of representatives of each campus. Each member is guaranteed all rights of membership and shall be subject to all procedures in accordance with the constitution. The representatives will be consist of six executive officers, the freshman class president the sophomore class president, and members-at-large.

The student government association on each campus also exercises general supervision over other campus organizations and must approve the formation of any new group on campus.

Residence Life (Perkinston Campus)

Living accommodations are provided on the Perkinston Campus. Each residence hall has its own distinctive features, along with certain standard conveniences. Each residence hall has coin-operated laundry facilities and student resident assistants. Air conditioned rooms are designed for double or triple occupancy and are provided with closet or wardrobe space, twin beds, desks, chairs, mattresses, cable access, and Internet access. Students must provide bed linens, pillows, towels and other small personal items such as a small wastebasket, study lamp, television, stereo, telephone, and other decorative items. Students are required to purchase a 5 or 7 day meal plan. Students should not keep valuables in their rooms. The resident will be requested to release and hold harmless the College from any liability for theft of any personal property from resident’s room.

Click the links below to view each form.

For additional information, contact the Housing Office, P.O. Box 548, Perkinston, MS 39573, phone number (601) 928-6220. To reserve a room, students must be pre-registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours and submit a housing application online at https://mgccc.edu/about/student-life/housing/apply-housing/. To remain eligible for housing, timely fee payment and full-time status are required. Room charges are non-refundable.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Alumni Association

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Alumni Association serves as a link between the college and its alumni, faculty and friends by encouraging networking and bringing awareness of college programming to the community. 

Membership and Organization: Former students, faculty, staff and friends are eligible for membership in the Association. Single annual membership dues are $25; couple annual membership dues are $40.  Single lifetime membership dues are $200; couple lifetime membership dues are $250.

The Alumni Association recognizes notable MGCCC alumni by inducting them into the college Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame Awards were established in 1970 to honor former students who have brought fame and honor to the college through their achievements. In addition to the Alumni Hall of Fame, the Alumni Association recognizes faculty members who have made a significant impact at the college through the Instructor of the Year award.  A faculty member is chosen from each campus as Instructor of the Year and is honored at the Annual Spring Reception. Also at the Annual Spring Reception, four outstanding Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College employees earn the L.N. Dantzler Difference Maker Award for their tireless work and positive attitude while at MGCCC.  These Difference Makers are nominated by their peers.

MGCCC graduates receive a complimentary two-year Alumni Association membership upon graduation.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Foundation

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Foundation, Inc., was established and chartered in 1974 to administer an endowment fund for the extension of educational service within the college district. It is governed by a twenty-three member Board of Directors, who serve voluntarily. Officers elected from the Board are Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary-Treasurer. The President of the college, being an ex officio member of the Board, serves as Executive Secretary of the Board.

Membership may be obtained through a minimum investment of $250. For more information, write to MGCCC Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 99, Perkinston, MS 39573.