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2019-2020 College Catalog 
2019-2020 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Sciences Programs

Welcome to the Health Sciences Division (HSD) at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.  The HSD at Gulf Coast offers several credit and non-credit health related career and technical programs.  Each program includes quality instruction with up-to-date, state-of-the-art equipment and supplies. Many of the HSD programs have earned special accreditations led by nationally certified instructors. Courses in many of the credit HSD programs are eligible to transfer to state universities.caduceus

Like the caduceus image, health related professions have been represented throughout history by various combinations, each of which has significant meanings. Caduceus, derived from a Greek root word meaning herald’s wand or badge of office, was originally an olive branch, but it was later replaced by a staff entwined with snakes. The caduceus is strongly associated with healing and health.

Gulf Coast prides itself on preparing students for global employment through flexible education and training. Offering health careers and training opportunities throughout its four-county district, the Health Sciences Division considers the needs of its communities of interest by designing classes and clinicals schedules that accomodate a variety of lifestyles and job-market requirements.

MGCCC has a variety of one- and two-year health care programs designed to offer students career opportunities in the fastest-growing job sector.  From a one semester EMT program to several one and two year health related programs, MGCCC has a health care profession designed for you.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is a comprehensive community college offering the following programs of study:

  1. University transfer preparation that may be transferred for full credit to senior institutions toward satisfaction of requirements for a Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Occupational programs in business, professional, career and technical areas to prepare persons for employment or advancement within respective fields.
  3. Enrichment and/or technical courses given on a non-credit basis to enable an adult student to become more effective in use of leisure time or to increase occupational efficiency.

The Health Sciences Division overall goal is to educate, train, and successfully prepare students to demonstrate competent, caring qualities that best represent the expectations of professional health care providers.After reviewing the section of suggested studies, students should discuss their choices with a counselor/advisor that will assist in scheduling courses. Final responsibility for this rests with the student.


Numbering of Courses/Student Classification

Courses are identified by name and number. Those numbered from 1001 to 1999 are considered freshman courses and those from 2001 to 2999, sophomore courses. The courses offered in Developmental Studies are not designed for transfer credit (these courses include  MAT 0123 , MAT 1233 , and ENG 0114  ). Developmental courses are not considered in calculating GPA and semester hours to meet graduation requirements. A student who has earned less than 24 semester hours is designated a freshman; one who has earned 24 semester hours or more and 48 quality points is considered a sophomore. As a general rule, a student should choose courses in accordance with his/her class designation.


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Allied Health

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Non-Credit Health Sciences Courses offered by MGCCC

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Non-Credit Health Sciences Courses offered by ed2go & Gatlin through MGCCC

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