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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Care Assistant Certificate (CNA & Phlebotomy)

Fall, Spring, Summer Entry

(George County and West Harrison County Centers)

At Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, we are proud to offer nursing career options that allow our students the opportunity to choose the nursing career path that is best suited to their current needs.

The Health Care Assistant (HCA) program option at MGCCC is a 16 semester credit hour course designed to prepare students to sit for the national exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Phebotomist.  The one-semester program is approved by the state of Mississippi’s Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP) and is intended for individuals who have never been certified as nurse aides. In order to be eligible to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment (NNAAP) Examination for certification as a nurse aide in Mississippi, the applicant applying will fall under the MS-Non-Facility-Based and Proprietary Schools and Colleges eligibility route which includes the following requirements:

  1. A completed examination application, fees, and a copy of the training program certificate of completion, or
  2. An original letter from the training program stating that training has been completed, must be submitted to Credentia.
  1. If an original letter is sent with the Examination Application as proof of training, this original letter must be written on the training program’s letterhead and must include:
  1. The nurse aide candidate’s name
  2. The nurse aide’s date of training program completion; and
  3. The signature of the instructor, director, or administrator of the training program.
  1. Although the student has twenty-four (24) months from the completion date of the training program to take and pass both parts of the NNAAP Examination, the student at MGCCC must test within a certain time frame as determined by the course faculty.

In order to be eligible to take the National Center for Competency Testing Examination for certification as a phlebotomist, the applicant applying with fall under the Current Student eligibility route which includes the following requirements:

  1. A completed examination application, fees, a copy of the training program certificate of completion, and a phlebotomy technician certification critical skill competency form.
  2. All required documents must be submitted within two years after successful program completion in order for your certification to be released.

Program Mission, Concepts and Outcomes

The mission of the Health Care Assistant program at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is the preparation of Nursing Assistants who provide high quality and compassionate care for residents and patients in acute care, long-term care, assisted living facilities, and private homes.

The Concepts and Outcomes of the Health Care Assistant program align with the nursing options offered at Gulf Coast.  They include:

  • Practicing nursing that is client centered, caring, culturally sensitive and based on the physiological, psychosocial and spiritual needs of clients (Client-Centered Care).
  • Serving as a member of the interdisciplinary health care team to promote continuity of client care (Interdisciplinary Collaboration).
  • Recognizing current evidence from scientific and other credible sources as a basis for nursing practice and clinical judgment (Evidence-Based Practice).
  • Promoting quality improvement by contributing to implementation of care related plans to improve health care services (Quality Improvement).
  • Providing a safe environment for clients, self and others (Safety).
  • Using information technology in the provision of client care (Informatics).
  • Providing selected health-related education with guidance (Client-Education).
  • Practice nursing in a professional, ethical, and legal manner (Professionalism).

Admission Procedure

With a high school diploma or High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma and obtaining a criminal background check from a MGCCC Campus Police Office, the student is eligible to complete the Health Care Assistant Supplemental Online Application for program admission. The following information represents the application submission time line:

  • Fall Semester Application Submission must be submitted between April 15th and July 5.   
  • Spring Semester Application Submission must be submitted between August 15th and November 1st                                           
  • Summer Semester Application Submission must be submitted between April 1st and May 15th
  • To review and print the Health Care Checklist, click here:

Supplemental Application Deadline Dates:                       

Fall Semester - July 5

Spring Semester - November 1       

Summer Semester – May 15                                            

(If deadline falls on a weekend, holiday, or closing, the deadline is 5 p.m. on the next college business day).

ALL required transcripts, and entry items (college acceptance and criminal background check) must be completed with results placed in Banner (MGCCC’s computer information system) by the appropriate college employee prior to the deadline. In addition, any outstanding college holds must be clear in order for the applicant to complete and submit the supplemental program application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. (MGCCC reserves the right to review additional supplemental applications following the posted deadline).

Academic and Entry Requirements

  1. Make application to the college by visiting
  2. Comply with Mississippi law requiring a Criminal Background History Check with Fingerprinting.  All students making application to a School of Nursing and Health Professions program at MGCCC are required to obtain a clear or acceptable Criminal Background Check from the MGCCC Campus Police Department at HC, JC, Perkinston Campus or the GC Center.  The criminal background check policy (including testing dates and times) can be viewed at School of Nursing and Health Professions Criminal Background Check Policy .
  3. Following completion of steps 1 and 2 above, the student will be able to submit the Supplemental Application for program acceptance.
  4. To complete and submit the online Supplemental Application:
  1. Access the college’s web page
  2. Click on Web Services (top tab)
  3. Enter the GCID (M#) and Password
  4. Select Student
  5. Select School of Nursing and Health Professions Supplemental Application
  6. Thereafter, the applicant MUST read the guidelines carefully.  In order to view and submit the application, college admission and completion of the criminal background check are required.
  7. Click survey complete so that your log-in information will be recorded in the college’s BANNER system.

Selection Process

Program enrollment is limited and is also influenced by the availability of clinical rotation slots, applicant numbers, and faculty. Program openings are filled based on Selective Admission. With no individual achievement test scores or prior college course work required for acceptance into the Health Care Assistant program, student ranking for program entry will be based on the following:

  1. Date of submission of the Supplemental Online Application; and
  2. Residency; In-district applicants (Mississippi residents of Harrison, Jackson, Stone and George Counties) are admitted before out-of-district applicants (all other Mississippi counties). Out-of-state applicants are not admitted until all qualified in-state applicants are admitted

After Program Acceptance, the following Health Care Assistant Program Policies must be adhered to:

  • All students applying to the School of Nursing and Health Professions are required to submit to substance testing in accordance with the substance testing policy and procedures for the School of Nursing and Health Professions.  The testing policy can be viewed by clicking here: School of Nursing and Health Professions Substance Testing Policy  
  • The School of Nursing and Health Professions requires proof of immunizations and/or CPR.  Submission of all required documents will begin following program acceptance.  Failure to meet the requirements will result in withdrawal/dismissal.
  • Adherence to additional clinical affiliation requirements may be necessary depending on clinical rotation placement. (i.e. hospital orientation, HIPAA training, etc.)

MGCCC Nursing Division – Cost List (Estimate only)


  • Fall/Spring Full-Time Tuition (15-21 credit hours) - $1,550*
  • Fall/Spring Full-Time Out-of-State Tuition - $3,100*
  • Part-Time Tuition - $155 per credit hour*
  • Part-Time Out-of-State Tuition - $310 per credit hour*
  • Summer Full-Time Tuition (12-15 hours) - $1,550*
  • Students enrolled in more than 21 hours for Fall and Spring will be charged an additional $155 per credit hour.
  • Students enrolled in more than 15 hours for Summer will be charged an additional $155 per credit hour.

Other Fees

  • Registration Fee - $100
  • Technology Fee - $75
  • Online Fee - $15 per credit hour
  • Book Service Fee - $40 per book*
  • Science Lab Fee - $25
  • Art Lab Fee - $50
  • Career/Technical Program Fees:  A PER CREDIT HOUR fee will be charged for career/technical classes based on Program of Study
  • Delinquent Fee - $40 assessed on any and all balances after the final payment date
  • Other miscellaneous charges may apply according to program of study
  • Dual Credit High School classes - $100 per class

*Tuition and book rental fees are the only refundable fees.  All other fees are NON-refundable.

Health Care Assistant Program Expenses – Non Refundable (Cost may be subject to change)

Prior to Entering Program

  • Criminal Background Check $65 - $80 (MGCCC Campus Police)
  • Pre-admission Physical Exam and Immunizations $200 - $300 (required for first day of class)                                           

Once Admitted into Program

  • Career and Technical Program Fee $26 per credit hour
  • Textbooks/Workbooks/Rentals $100 - $300 - (Rentals may or may not be available)                                     
  • Substance Testing $29 - $35 per semester                          
  • Liability Insurance $12 - $15 per semester
  • Uniform, Lab Coat, Shoes, Accessories $200 - $300
  • Licensure Exam Fees $100 - $200

 Cost may be subject to change

Health Care Assistant Prerequisites:

  • Submission and approval of college application
  • Criminal Background Check obtained from a MGCCC Campus Police

COURSEWORK – 15 Week Semester – 450 Contact Hours

Basic Health-Care Assisting: HCA 1116  

Special Care Procedures: HCA 1124  

Body Structure and Function: HCA 1214  

Phlebotomy: HCA 1132